Challenge #36 ~ Stash time!

Surprise! We are adding something new around here… every month we will be spotlighting a few of our dt members in a mid-month challenge. The rules are the same – gain inspiration (scraplift) any monthly or mid-monthly challenge or layout of ours, link it up, and you’ll have a chance at a gdt position with us.

Mid-month November and we felt the need to clean up a bit. Nothing new, all old – using up our stash-n-scraps! Here are a few layouts based on using up our stuff.









She was supposed to debut at the end of the month, but she’s already furiously at creative work with us in the team lounge! Please welcome Deborah Malbone of If It’s Groovy to the team!




Katherine Blue

Look who stuck around! We are so happy to have her carousing the team office again!








So now you can see how we use our stash! Here are a few tips, too:

  • use all scraps,don’t buy when you have drawers full of lots of unopened goodies (you know we all do lol),make your own hand-made embellies!
    – Deb
  • I save all my scraps and use them on cards.
    – Khristen
  •  A good idea is to immediately punch out shapes with your leftovers and keep them in a big jar at your fingertips.
    – Deb
  • A storage idea for all your scraps is to group things by color. I have two stacks of Iris 12″x12″ drawers, and each contains embellishments of the same color. I also use mason jars for smaller embellishments, also sorted by color. If you won’t be able to remember what the company or manufacturer is, small jewelry baggies or jotting the name on the back of the embellie works.


Alright, your turn! Be inspired (scraplift) any one of our monthly or mid-monthly layouts or challenges and link it up. You will then have a chance to spend a month as gdt!

p.s. xoxo


3 thoughts on “Challenge #36 ~ Stash time!

  1. I LOVE that “Izzy” page- what a great idea for using up all those left over jewels and bits from other packages!!! The pages in this challenge are amazing- lots of texture and inventiveness- that’s what scrapbooking is all about!

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