Challenge #37 ~ December, Baby! ~ project 8

These are a few of our favorite things!


XoXo Scrapbooking girls are so stinkin’ excited for our Tess: her wedding is right around the corner! As we are gaping in awe of all of her details coming to light, she is super busy creating lovely, personal, handmade touches to add such a touch to her special day. Take a look at these re-purposed frames – a great gift idea, perhaps?

Tess's frames

The start of December is all wedding for me. Christmas can happen after this weekend!!
With the wedding getting closer, I have put a bit of creative effort into signs that will be placed against tree trunks on the long walk into the gardens where the ceremony will take place. They can then be taken to the cocktail style reception to be put on display too.
These large old paintings cost me about

$10 each. I have sprayed the frames white with a bit of gold then rubbed back in places to show some of the original timber, giving it a vintage look. I have cut burlap to fit the space and used spray adhesive to attach over the original painting. After typing the text on the computer, printing and cutting each letter out to make a template, I have traced them in lead pencil, then the outline in black texter to give a clean line. The last thing was to paint the letters and the heart. The end result would have cost under $20 each and I cant believe how well they turned out. It makes me smile.
Send your well-wishes to our Tess here!


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