Challenge #37 ~ December, Baby! ~ project 11

These are a few of our favorite things!


So, have you started your Christmas cards yet? Finished them? Already starting on next year? Well, in case you’re a late one getting the cards out, here is a simple card from Tiffany Ballard Call. Nothing over the top, but super sweet and very simple – great for the one who has to make hundreds of cards like we do!

Tiffany's Christmas CardMy Christmas card from last year! Sort of did it like a mini scrapbook page,
but nothing fancy going on here other than the embossed star.
I make 100 cards, so it needs to be simple!!

More from Tiffany here!


Here’s our favorite things so far:

Deb’s project #1
Alaina’s project #2
Miae’s project #3
Kimmy’s project #4
Khristen’s project #5
Michelle’s project #6
aclyn’s project #7
Tess’s project #8
Faye’s project #9
Kimmy’s project #10

Time to link yours up!

p.s. xoxo


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