Challenge #37 ~ December, Baby! (and the rest of them)

Seems I dropped the ball (pun completely intended as we’re just hours away from the new year here in New York) on getting the rest of the December projects shown, so I’m putting them all up tonight. Take some time on each, they deserve all the love and respect.

A special note to “the girls”: Lipstick Chicks, you rock! I am amazed that, with the talent in this group, you choose to remain with a small, unconventional blog. You dig my style and you make me smile nearly every day. I know we’re a quiet bunch, but I savor every post, project and picture from each of you. I wish blessings and prosperity for you, however you see that fit in 2013. I thank you for creating with me and for lending your paper, photos and scissors to True XoXo Scrapbooking every day. Lots of love from me, your humble blog manager. 🙂 -LK

And now onto the rest of it…
These are a few of our favorite things!


from Kimmy:

I made this a few years ago from a dollar store decoration. I sanded off the glitter on the front, covered the whole thing with Basic Grey paper. Then I added some flowers left over from a wedding & decorated a chipboard snowflake with glitter, paint, & buttons. 🙂


from Tiffany:

Layout I created this week for a challenge at Child’s Play Challenges. I linked it up to True XOXO in my blog post!


from Alaina:

I used a 6″ canvas panel to create this wall hanging/door hanger. I covered a piece of cardstock with double stick tape. I then die cut my pieces. Once done, I lifted the backing off the tape and glittered the pieces. I glued gathered strips of fabric around the edge of the canvas on the backside. Then used Basic Grey fabric tags as an embellishment on the bottom to give a scalloped look. Finally I glued on the red ribbon as the hanger and a square of glittered cardstock as the final backing.


from Jaclyn:

We never have snow this part of the world and I’ve always been envious about other scrappers posting about winter projects. So when we went out for post-Christmas dinner last year and saw a faux Winter Wonderland…I knew exactly what to do!


from Khristen:

{to make the spinning star:} You emboss the shape onto the card (which you’ve placed a piece of accordion folded paper into) and cut out half of the star, making sure to go through both layers of cardstock. Fold it back, adhere patterned paper, and voila! Made this with the help of my Ultimate Tool from Crafter’s Companion, and the instructions to make it are in the included booklet  Love that tool and couldn’t live without it!


from Deb:

My daughter Katelyn was excited to go meet Santa at Bass Pro Shoppe last Christmas! It was really cool that they had a mailbox right there for Santa too! Katelyn made her list before we arrived and then mailed it to the North Pole 🙂


from Kimmy:

Here’s a waterless snowglobe I made for my mom last year. I glued the mini house ornament to the bottom of the jar, glued a bottle brush tree behind it and added some fake snow. I put enough glue in the bottom of the jar so that it’s always covered with snow, but there’s extra snow in there too and you can make it “snow” by shaking the jar. I painted the jar white and covered it with glitter too.


So, there ya have it. We blow out December and bring in January with a bang (no, really, check back tomorrow!) Not only do you get a January challenge, you’ll get a bonus challenge and a buddy blog hop! It’s going to be busy around here, hope you’ll join us!

p.s. xoxo and a happy new year!





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