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We’ll be thinking and praying all weekend for the survivors and all affected by the tragedy in Newton, Connecticut.


Challenge #28 ~ We’re scraplifting, too!

We wanted to try what you get to do every month! The name of our team challenge this month was to scraplift another team member. We each chose someone to lift, kept it a secret and the team lipstick chick who was lifted the most will be our winner. It was a covert mission and even the team girls, as of the moment before this is posted, doesn’t know who won. Ready?! Here we go!

Miae created this:

Michelle has such a cool, unique style..geometric, bold, lots of graphics! I chose to lift this page because that ampersand masking technique really grabbed my attention. I hope I did some justice to it!

 with inspiration from Michelle:

Michelle designed this:

I scrap lifted a great design by Kimmy Jaster that uses polaroid details from the Dear Lizzy line on a blakc background. I've been on a neon kick lately so I used the new Snapshot pack from DCWV. Kimmie's layout was structured and linear (which is what I liked about it along with the soft colors on black) but when I followed the design exactly I thought mine looked like a bad imitation. Then OOPS! I elbowed the layout and jumbled the design which looked awesome (and more "me"- HA!!) so I separated the insta frames a bit to emphasize the photos and glued everything down.

 with inspiration from Kimmy:


Tess created this:

I hope I have done your work justice... I loved this challenge!!

with inspiration from Lindsey:


 Tiffany designed this:

My LO "All the Right Moves" for the super secret surprise scraplift challenge!! I scraplifted Christa's "Summer Suits You". This was a lot of fun, thanks! =) Tiff

with inspiration from Christa:


 Alaina created this:

with inspiration from Faye:


 Cheryl created this:

I took specific elements from Michelle’s page and adapted them, sometimes not very much, and sometimes quite a lot, to achieve my own page. I found some cloud paper (remnants from Echo Park’s Sweet Summertime collection) and used my Sass cloud stamps to both stamp and just get a good cloud shape to cut out of patterned paper. I chose some herringbone patterns too – from Crate’s Paper Heart collection, and a Cuttlebug embossing folder. The wings were actually a pair of earrings that were joke-given to me by my mum for my hen party as a nod to me saying how I didn’t want to see halos or angel wings or anything like that (things like this, and L-plates and tiaras, are quite typical British humiliate-the-bride-to-be things and since I was not the typical bride I did not want the typical stuff). I bent the backs flush with the page with a pair of pliers. I used a balloon stamp (Kaisercraft – Up, Up & Away) and also a balloon mask (Prima). For the positioning I pretty much stuck to Michelle’s, but changed the size and the number of photos, and the colour of the title.

with inspiration from Michelle (are you keeping count?):


 Christa designed this:

This month, we Lipstick Chicks were challenged to scraplift EACH OTHER! What a mammoth task that was to just CHOOSE a design from all the talented women we have on our team. However afer lots of deliberation I found a design by Emma. Her design (link is: http://emsfronda.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/street-art.jpg?w=623&h=617) STREET ART had such lovely elements that I applied to my own design: the large circle, the tags, the scalloped tag, the twin...so many little things of genius. Thanks Emma! Watch out ladies..you may be next on my 'scraplift tour!'

with inspiration from Emma:


 Khristen designed this:

with inspiration from Kimmy (got that? we’re at a tie…):


 Kimmy created this:

with inspiration from Michelle (how many is that, now?):


Lindsey designed this:

Miae is one of my favorite current scrapbookers. I think I'm wow'd by her simply because our styles are so completely opposite. But every single time I see her post something, I am just floored - what made her think to do that? oooh! look at the way she put that. HOW did she do that?! So I took this opportunity to lift her and her fun, messy style. Tomorrow it will be back to simplicity, but for today, it's all about Miae!

with inspiration from Miae:


I apologize for the mismatched layout sizes. Keeping everything a secret didn’t enable me to use the best of the best images. Thanks for understanding!

So, did you catch that? Our final tally:

  • Michelle ~ I I I
  • Kimmy ~ I I
  • Lindsey ~ I
  • Christa ~ I
  • Faye ~ I
  • Emma ~ I
  • Miae ~ I

Miss Michelle! I owe you a $10 gift certificate to wherever you please!

Now it’s your turn! You can lift any of the layouts above for your chance to be a winner and hang with our team! Lift, create, and link in a comment below this post for your chance (details in the right column). We’re looking forward to seeing yours!