Challenge #27 ~ We’re ‘Pinterest’ed!

Welcome, March! We resisted the urge to go green, turn green, be green with envy or dance little leprechaun guys across our pages and decided to find inspiration on Pinterest this month.

With all the hubbub at Pinterest right now, we are simply posting links to our inspirations. We are not reselling, taking credit for, or using images from Pinterest for any other reason other than inspiration into our own new projects. We carefully tracked and gave credit where credit was due; if you were listed as an inspiration and have any issue whatsoever, please contact – thank you!

See how we were inspired!
(Hover over our layouts to see our comments on inspiration!)







Emma Cruz-Fonda


Now it’s your turn. Be inspired, get Pinterested,
link up and let us know who/what inspired you!

p.s. xoxo

Do you want a chance to be a gdt member with the True XoXo team? Have your blog posted forever on our sidebar? Hang out with us in our super secret Facebook group? Be treated like a queen for a month? Time to enter! Just let us know how you were inspired by finding inspiration, or scraplifting, any of these layouts. Color, design, subject or wording – there is endless inspiration in any or all of these. Enter as many times as you like! Enter to become eligible by:

  • showing your layout on your blog, link its specific post in the comments section below -or-
  • putting your layout in your favorite gallery and post the link in the comments below -or-
  • use Mister Linky to link up any of the above (as soon as I get him working on WP!).
Although it’s not required, we’d love to know what or who inspired you, and how, if you have a little time to write about that.
  • Layouts are due March 31st, midnight your time.
  • The team will vote on their favorite and the winner will be announced on or about April 5th.
  • Winner will be our May guest design team member; you will be invited to hang with us in our private Facebook design team group for the month, see how we get our inspiration and have a layout posted in the April blog post.
  • Winners are eligible once every three months.